FOI Request Old Road Rafford

Request 101001508740

Relating to Old Road Rafford please provide:
1. The gritting route which encompasses the locus - January 2017
2 Gritting records for the locus between 29/12/16 - 28/02/17

Response 24-05-2017

The location was clarified as Old Road, Rafford, at its junction with the C14E Redhill Road, Rafford.

  1. Moray Council only have defined gritting routes for roads which have are designated as Priority 1 for winter maintenance.  Lower priority roads are just listed, and then treated in priority order.  Old Road, Rafford is a Priority 4, and Redhill Road, Rafford is a  Priority 2, so neither are included in a defined gritting route.  Please see for more details of our priorities and gritting routes.
  2. Our Winter Service Operational Plan is available via the above link.   Within the Policy section of that document you will see that Priority 2 roads are only treated after Priority 1 routes are complete, Priority 3 roads are treated after Priority 2 roads are complete, and so on.  You will also see that only Priority 1 roads are treated on a  Sunday, and that Priority 4 roads are only likely to receive winter treatment during severe conditions.

Priority 2, 3 & 4 roads are collectively known as Secondary Routes within our winter maintenance records.  Those records show that Secondary Routes were treated on 5 occasions between 29/12/16 and 28/02/17.

The treatment dates are :

  • 12/01/17
  • 13/01/17
  • 14/01/17
  • 30/01/17
  • 11/02/17

Our vehicle tracking records have confirmed that our gritter travelled Redhill Road, Rafford (Priority 2) on each of the January dates listed above.  On the February occasion no treatment was necessary on secondary routes in the Rafford area.

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