Local Government By-Election Wd 6 2017

A Local Government (Council) by-election will be held on Thursday 13 July 2017 in Ward 6 - Elgin City North to elect one councillor to Moray Council. 

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About this election

Local Government (Council) elections are operated under the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system. Voters use numbers to mark their ballot paper ranking candidates in preferential order. More information about this - Single Transferable Vote explained

Moray Council area is covered by eight multi-member wards. Ward 6 - Elgin City North is a three seat ward, with one vacancy due to the recent resignation of a councillor.


There are four candidates standing in this by-election:

  • GOWANS, Patsy (Scottish National Party (SNP))
  • MCLEAN, Maria (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • MONAGHAN, Terry (Independent)
  • TAYLOR, Nick (Scottish Labour Party)

More information is available in the Notice of Poll below.

Statutory Notices

Registering to vote / Postal and Proxy voting deadlines

The deadline to register to vote, or amend your details the deadline is Tuesday 27 June.
To apply for a postal vote, applications must be submitted to the Electoral Registration Office by 5pm on Wednesday 28 June.
To apply for a proxy vote, applications  must be submitted to the Electoral Registration Office by 5pm on Wednesday 5 July.

Please contact the Electoral Registration Office for more information or visit www.votemoray.org to download an application form from the 'Electoral registration' menu.

Polling Places

There will be four polling places open during this by-election at the places listed below from 7am - 10pm on Thursday 13 July. Voters should refer to their pollcards which will be dispatched from 13 July for details of their polling station.

 Stations 1 / 2 - Bishopmill Hall

 Stations 3 / 4 - Seafield School

 Stations 5 / 6 - Williamson Hall, St Columba's South, Duff Avenue

 Station 7 - Elgin Community Church, Pinefield.

More information about Polling Places can be found here.

You do not need to take your poll card, but it helps the staff there if you do.

Postal Voting

Postal votes for this by-election will be issued first class around Friday 30 June and expected to arrive by Monday 3 July. If you are away during this time, you may wish to consider a proxy vote in your absence please contact the Electoral Registration officer for more information.

Single Transferable Vote - voting method

For this election voters used numbers (not a cross (X)) to mark their ballot paper, ranking candidates in preferential order. Information about this is contained in the household guide (PDF, 1.4Mb) sent to all households by the Electoral Commission. This guide is also available to download in a number of different languages, easy print, large print, audio and sign language. More information about this can also be found here - Single Transferable Vote explained


The count for this by-election will take place the following day, Friday 14 July in Elgin Town Hall. The count will be conducted manually rather than electronically.

Contact Details 

Electoral Registration Office

For electoral register enquiries, to register to vote, change or amend your address or to apply for a postal or proxy vote or to make changes to postal or proxy voting preferences please contact the Electoral Registration Office. Please note that the Electoral Registration Officer only deals with Electoral Register enquiries, amendments, changes to those registered at an address and applications to vote including by post and proxy.

Electoral Registration Officer
Grampian Valuation Joint Board
234 High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BA
Tel: 01343 541203
Email: elgin@grampian-ero.gov.uk
Web: www.votemoray.org

Monday - Thursday - 9am to 5pm, Friday - 9am to 4pm

Moray Election Office

For information about elections, dates and notices, candidate nominations, agents, polling places, assistance to vote, issues with postal votes not being received, spoilt or lost, ballot papers and how to vote, results or any other election related query:

Elections office
Moray Council
Council Office, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX

Elections Helpline: 01343 563334
Email: election.enquiries@moray.gov.uk
Web: www.moray.gov.uk/elections

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