Local Government By-Election Wd 6 2017

A Local Government (Council) by-election were held on Thursday 13 July 2017 in Ward 6 - Elgin City North to elect one councillor to Moray Council. 

Page last updated 25 May 2017

About this election

Local Government (Council) elections are operated under the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system. Voters use numbers to mark their ballot paper ranking candidates in preferential order. More information about this - Single Transferable Vote explained

Moray Council area is covered by eight multi-member wards. Ward 6 - Elgin City North is a three seat ward, with one vacancy due to the recent resignation of a councillor.

Candidate nominations

A candidate nomination pack will be available from the Election Office in due course. Please contact the election office on election.enquiries@moray.gov.uk should you wish to register to receive a pack.

Validly nominated candidates will be announced after 4pm on Monday 12 June following close of the nomination period.

Statutory Notices

  • Election timetable (PDF, 120kb)
  • Notice of By-Election (PDF, 60kb)
  • Notice of  Poll (List of Candidates) (PDF, xxkb) Due 12 June
  • Notice of Election agents appointed (PDF, xxkb) Due 12 June
  • Notice of Situation of Polling Places (PDF, xxkb) Due 12 June

Single Transferable Vote - voting method

For this election voters used numbers (not a cross (X)) to mark their ballot paper, ranking candidates in preferential order. Information about this is contained in the household guide (PDF, 1.4Mb) sent to all households by the Electoral Commission. This guide is also available to download in a number of different languages, easy print, large print, audio and sign language. More information about this can also be found here - Single Transferable Vote explained

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