FOI Request Vulnerable Syrian Refugees

Request 101001502344

Under Freedom of Information legislation, I’d like to know:

•How many Syrian refugees has your local authority taken in to date under the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement (VPR) programme?
•How many Syrian refugees does your local authority currently intend to take in under the VPR programme?
•If possible within cost and time constraints, please break down the number of Syrian refugees taken in by your local authority by men, women and children.
•Also if possible within cost and time constraints, please say how many family units have been taken in.

Response 23-05-2017

A1.  We have taken in  19  Syrian refugees   and two babies have been born her since the families arrived so we now have a total of 21 Syrian refugees in  Moray

A2. We currently have no plans to accept more refugees at this stage. 

A3. We have 5 adult men and 5 adult women . There are now 11 children 

A4. We have 5 family units 

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