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I am carrying out an evaluation of the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme and I would like some information about your council's participation in this programme.
1. If possible, could I get information on how many individuals/families have been settled with the council.
2. Also, was there any mental health screening carried out or offered as part of the programme?
3. Are there any future plans to resettle more refugees, and will mental health screening be offered in the future?

Response 22-05-2017

1.  21 individuals have been settled  in 5 family units - 2 of these individuals were born in the UK.

2.  We received detailed medical assessments  prior to arrival  and did not carry out any local mental health screening (All individuals were registered with a GP and  
    met within weeks of arrival)

3. We currently have no immediate plans to receive more families at this stage but will review in the future. We have no plans to carry out additional mental health

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