FOI Request Building on the U95E

Request 101001492294

What properties have been built along the single track U95E road in the last 10 years and how many official passing places have been constructed during that time?

Response 10-05-2017

1. On Moray Council website, it is possible to use the map and circle an area to identify warrant applications over a given time period.

The link to the Public Access is

2. Four passing places have been constructed on U95E through the RCC process:

RCC No 417 - Planning Ref : 12/01275/AMC RCC No 430 - Planning Ref : 13/00342/APP 

RCC No 450 - Planning Ref : 15/00291/APP RCC No 451 - Planning Ref : 15/00553/APP

RCC to construct a passing place has been required since 2010.

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