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1. Could you kindly supply me with the name of your returning officer for the election on May 4 and the election on June  8, if different.
2. Could you also detail the separate payments made to the returning officer(s) for conducting the election on May 4 and the election on June  8?

Response 02-05-2017

1. Mark Palmer, Corporate Director (Corporate Services) for both of the above noted elections.

2. No payment has been made to the Returning Officer as yet as the elections have not yet taken place.

Local Government (Council) Election, 4 May 2017 - Payment for the these elections are set by CoSLA. The fees were set in July 2008, detailed in circular 145.

For the Council election, the Returning Officer is paid £56.63 per contested seat. There are 26 seats in Moray.

UK General Election, 8 June 2017 - The costs of parliamentary elections are covered by the Government concerned.  For the forthcoming UK Parliamentary General Election the Cabinet Office will publish an order specifying the funds allocated to run the election in each constituency, including the fee for the services of the Returning Officer.    This order has not yet been published, however the equivalent Order for 2015  entitled ‘The Parliamentary Elections (Returning Officers’ Charges) Order 2015’ is  a publicly available document found at 

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