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I would like to request details for departments where they will have to deal with someone passing away leaving no known next-of-kin. The type of departments that we have dealt with in other councils are Elderly People Services, Elderly care, Health and social care. I appreciate that these may not be the names of your departments though.

Please can you provide me with contact details for a person within the relevant departments and give me an indication of how many cases of this nature that you deal with each year.

Response 04-05-2017

The Environmental Health Section of Moray Council has a statutory responsibility, in terms of Section 50 of the National Assistance Act 1948, to make funeral arrangements for a person when no other suitable arrangements are being made.The primary contact there is Kevin Boyle, Principle Environmental Health Officer, email . All other departments would defer to Environmental Health for burial. 

The numbers of funerals arranged by the Environmental Health Section, in terms of the above Act, in the last five financial years (1 April - 31 March) are as follows:

                                2012 -13: Two

                                2013- 14 : Five

                                2014- 15: Six

                                2015- 16: Three

                                2016- 17: Three

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