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Could you please send me details for the period 2016-17 on the following:.

The total value of the courier service contracts that were outsourced?
The name of your primary and any secondary Courier supplier
The value of your primary supplier contract, its expiry date
The value of your secondary supplier's contract, its expiry date
 The name and email of the person responsible for the procurement of these services?

The total cost of the courier services that were managed in-house?
The number of staff employed in managing the services
The number of vehicles used to meet the in-house courier requirement
Are those vehicles leased or owned
The name and email of the person responsible for the management of these services?

Response 25-04-2017


We do not have any formal contracts in place because our spend on Courier Services is so low. During 16/17 our total spend was £1,449.89.

                     The Courier service we most normally use is Eagle Couriers (Scotland) Ltd   

- N/A

- N/A

- N/A


- We do not manage courier services in-house.

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