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Regarding service types; All services managed by the local authority which are presently registered with Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS) (including people with learning disabilities and autism in the specific conditions of registration) for all of the following registration categories, including all multiple category registered services: Housing Support, Care at Home, Respite Residential Care Homes, Short Breaks, Residential Care Homes and Support Services.
Information Requested;
1. Funding rates paid to care providers for each service type, including;
a) hourly funding rates paid to providers for one-to-one, two-to-one, and group activity supports, including number of weekly service hours being funded by health and social care partnerships at each of the funding rates
b) within one 1. a) above, are there hourly funding rates being paid for non-client facing support hours e.g. travel time, administrative work, and if so, details of number of such hours being funded and at what rates
c) weekly funding rates being paid where appropriate for service type
d) sleepover funding rates being paid to providers
2. Cost profiles for Health and Social Care Partnership-run care and support services (assessed on hourly or weekly cost basis);
a) to include direct staffing costs, and on-costs including allowances for absence, training, recruitment, travel, management and administration
b) pay grades/rates for and details of employee benefits for all health and social care partnership staff working within such care and support service types as specified above, and how pay links with specific job roles, qualification and experience

Response 20-04-2017

It would take significantly more than 40 hours of staff time to pull together this response, and would require considerable input from Finance/Accountancy colleagues, Senior Commissioning Staff, Internal Services managers and externally commissioned service providers ("All services managed by the local authority"). Justification for the expectation of the amount of time it would take is that this request appears to include all internal services and staff as well as the externally commissioned providers and staff.  For the external providers component alone we have 82 service contracts within community care adult services, this does not include any internal services or staff nor does it include any services or staff for Child and family services.  To get this level of detail for each contract would take significantly more than 30 minutes (which is more than would be allowed within the £600 parameter and that would still leave no time for any internal services/staff or children's services information to be collated)

Therefore this information is exempt under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002- Excessive cost of compliance. 

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