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I write to request information on the support given by your local authority to newly appointed teaching staff including newly promoted staff.
I would be most grateful if you could provide information outlining what induction and post-appointment support is provided within the Authority for:
(a) Teachers post-probation
(b) Teachers newly employed within your authority
(c) Newly promoted PTs
(d) Newly promoted DHTs
(e) Newly appointed HTs

Response 19-04-2017

The programmes below are run by Moray Council but are not compulsory at present. All staff can access information on Gateway (course booking system) regarding courses they might like to do and info is sent out to schools on a weekly basis. Staff are made aware of leadership programmes which may be relevant to their individual circumstances.

(a) Teachers post-probation – Leadership in the Classroom programme, Developing Leadership programme. Access to information regarding the Into Headship qualification is available online.

(b) Teachers newly empolyed within your authority – Induction Checklist on the council’s internal internet facility.

(c) Newly promoted PTs – Leadership and Management programme

(d) Newly promoted DHTs – DHT / HT network meetings available for colleagues to attend. Into Headship qualification including support from the Authority.

(e) Newly appointed HTs – Extended induction for Head Teachers programme run by the Authority

Other areas which may be beneficial to staff:

  • Annual PRD for all teaching staff.
  • CPD training sessions for the use of Gateway – all staff have opportunity to attend.
  • Various Leadership programmes running within the Authority
  • Weekly school bulletin sent out to provide information for all staff about new initiatives, relevant courses.
  • Learn Pro training programmes
  • Support with GTCS Professional Update

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