FOI Request Council Vehicles and Private Hires

Request 101001441336

Please put into Excel or Word format the following information:

1. Vehicles  Currently Operated/Leased by the Council
a. Fleet number
b.  Registration Number
c. Vehicle Type
d. Department operating

2.  Currently Operrating Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles (BOTH)
(this is on the website in PDF format)
a. Plate Number
b Registration Number
c Vehicle type
d owner/operator

Response 23-03-2017

Please find Taxi and Private hires HERE and Council vehicles HERE.  Under advice from Police Scotland we do not release the vehicle registrations for Council owned vehicles.Therefore this information  is exempt under Section 35 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; Law enforcement, where disclosure of this information could prejudice the prevention and detection of crime. 

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