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Request 101001456786

Copies of all prejudice-based incident monitoring forms filled in by staff at nursery and primary schools controlled by the council during the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Names of pupils/teacher/staff involved should be redacted where appropriate, but the date and member of staff's report detailing the circumstances of the "incident" should be visible (unless it refers directly to pupil etc by name).

Response 11-04-2017

The information in its original format that is still held is available in the forms below. In line with our current record retention schedule, once the information has been recorded we only hold the original forms for a limited period of time before disposing of them securely so we have a limited amount of original forms however the details of all incidents requested above are available in spreadsheet format HERE 

FORM 1     FORM 2     FORM 3     FORM 4     FORM 5     FORM 6   

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