FOI Request Care and Support Contracts

Request 101001455633

Please provide a list of all care & support contracts issued for services for which the Integrated Health & Social Care Board is responsible.

For each contract, please state:

*The name of the organisation providing the service
*The name & address of the service (e.g. the care home or community care team)
*The number of care hours provided under this contract
*The approximate number of service users in this contract
*The approximate number of employees employed to deliver this contract
*The start & end date of this contract, including possible extensions
*Whether this contract is part of a framework

Please also provide us with a short narrative explanation of how providers are chosen, how quality is assured by Commissioners, & how penalties are applied by Commissioners if standards or contracts are breached.

Suspended 21-03-2017. Clarification Sought. 

Clarification not received therefore case closed 27-04-2017

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