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Please can you list all the residential care homes and nursing homes that your council commissions along with the start and end of their contracts?
• Please can you also indicate the nature of each contract? (i.e. whether they are spot contracts or guaranteed a certain number of beds etc.) .
• Please tell us how many staff each provider employs to provide this service? (If the exact number is not known, please give an approximate number)
• Do you have any in-house provision of residential care homes or nursing homes? If so how many homes/beds does this consist of?
• If your council commissions any outside providers to run any children’s residential care homes please can you list the name of these outside organisations?

Response 24-03-2017

Please see attached names and addresses for Older People Care Homes.

? Older People National Care Home Contract - not commissioned runs year on year

Mental Health - 1 –SAMH –  2011 – 2017

Learning Disability - 2 –

Parkholme –2009-2018

Castlehill -  2006 to 2018

? Mental Health & Learning Disability - Block Older People - as per NCHC charge per bed

? Older People - 20-70

 Mental Health - 6

Learning Difficulties - 12-25

? No

? Scottish Autism and Action For Children

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