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Request 101001430657

Could you provide figures on referrals from the police force, to Social Work and Education, from 2012 up to and including 2016, and where possible indicating if and when these referrals related to the Vulnerable Persons Database (VPD)?

Response 20-02-2017

Information for Childrens Services: 

Since 2012, we have had 5,538 referrals  from the Police for 2,303 children/Young People.    It is not possible to isolate those where a reference is made to the Vulnerable Persons Database as we started recording the VPD number in the notes section of individual files from April/May 2015 onwards in Carefirst.  The Vulnerable Persons Database has been in existence much longer than this. This information is therefore exempt under Section 12 -Excessive Cost as we would have to go through every single record since 2015 to find out if it met the requester's criteria. 

Information for Adult Services:

11,359 referrals

Related to VPD – 2,604 referrals

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