FOI Request Historical Child Abuse

Request 101001426086

1. How many claims relating to historical child abuse (physical, sexual or emotion) in local authority-run institutions has the council settled since the reorganisation of local government in 1996? Please redact any personal information which could identify claimants.
2. How much compensation has the council paid out in relation to historical child abuse in local-authority run institutions since local government reorganisation in 1996? If possible, please detail each claim (providing the name of the relevant institution, the dates which the abuse took place and, if possible, the name of the abuser) and how much was paid out, redacting any personal information which could identify claimants.
3. Should the council be required to pay out compensation under the Limitation (Childhood Abuse) (Scotland) Bill relating to claims dating back to 1964, would such payments be covered by a historic or existing insurance policy?
4. If no insurance policy is in place, does the council set aside funds for the payment of compensation claims which may result from the introduction of the new legislation? If not, does the council plan to set aside such funds.
5. If money has been set aside for claims of this nature, how much money is in the fund?
6. Has the council estimated how much it may have to pay out on claims under the new legislation dating back as far as 1964? If so, what is that figure?

Response 20-02-2017

1. None

2. None

3. Yes

4. N/A

5. N/A

6. No

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