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Request 101001422943

1. Can I have a list of every building company your council has awarded a contract to over the last five years?
2. Can you tell me each exact project (or projects) that were carried out by the building company in each instance?
3. Can you tell me how much the building company was paid in each case?
4. Can you tell me how many building developments were completed/not completed or are still ongoing?

Response 07-02-2017 

Questions 1, 2 and 3 are exempt Under section 25 the Freedom of Information (|Scotland) Act 2002- Information otherwise accessible.  These can be viewed on  All of our Contract Award Notices are viewable within the Moray Council Buyer Profile area.

Question 4 - Contract duration's are also visible within each Contract Award Notice - only those contracts with an ongoing (beyond current date of viewing) contract period will not have yet completed. All the rest have completed.

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