FOI Req: KFC Grass Area

Request 101001419953

Referring to the Grass area outside KFC A96 Elgin;
1. Who adopts the grass area?
2. Records of Inspection for the relevant area
3. Maintenance records including records of upkeep/grass cutting
4. Records of complaints about the state of the area for a 12 month period prior to 06-07-2016
5. Records of other accidents which have occurred on the relevant area within 12 months of the accident
6. Photographs of defects on said area

Response 07-02-2017

1. The Moray Council are not responsible for the grassed area.  The footways surrounding this development are not adopted by the Council.

2. None (see 1 above).

3. None (see 1 above).

4. None.

5. None.

6. None.

Note: The A96 is maintained by Bear Scotland 

There is a condition on planning application 09/01696/APP regarding planting and dead plants being replaced.

Decision notice can be viewed on this link -

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