FOI Request Professional Dog Walkers

Request 101001418534

1. Have you received any complaints about professional dog walkers use of public parks in your local authority area in the past five years? If so how many complaints have you received?

2. Are there any local rules, regulations, codes of conduct or bylaws affecting professional dog walkers in your local authority area? If so, please detail them.

3. Is the conduct of professional dog walkers in public parks an issue that your council has discussed in the past? If so what steps, if any, has your council taken to address the problem?

4. Are you aware of any other local authority‚Äôs mechanisms for dealing with professional dog walkers use of public parks? If so, please detail them and comment as to their effectiveness. 

Response 22-02-2017

1. None.

2. No however there is a need for a licence in respect of animal boarding establishments. However if there is no element of boarding then no licence is required. So dog walkers per se do not need a licence.

3. No.

4. No.

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