FOI Request Weight Managment Intervention

Request 101001414303 

Part A
1. Does your Local Authority commission a weight management service, such as Weight Watchers/Slimming World etc and subsidise/provide this free to the public on prescription from their GP for a period of time?

Part B – Please answer the questions in Red Bold which relate to people who were referred to the programme at least 12 months ago.

1. How long does the Local Authority/commissioner subsidise this programme for social prescribing (in weeks)?
2. Number of weeks the public are able to obtain this support via a GP referral without cost to themselves/as a subsidised package

About the participants                                   
1. Number of participants
Number of men and women who enrol in the intervention broken down by gender
2. Mean age                            
Average age of participants at the start of the intervention broken down by gender
3. Mean starting BMI                          
The average BMI of participants when starting on the intervention
About your intervention                                               
1. Uptake period  
The time before full uptake of the intervention is achieved, the time period between the first and last participant being recruited
2. Drop outs (percent) (men & women)
The percentage of individuals who enrol on the programme who do not complete it.
3. Reduction in BMI
The average reduction in BMI for people who complete the intervention
4. Time taken to achieve reduction
The average time between starting on the intervention and achieving the final weight reduction
5. Duration of maximum weight loss
The average time the maximum weight loss is maintained

6. The number of people sustaining weight loss at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months after completion of the subsidised/free weight loss sessions as a percentage of the total number of people referred to the programme in the past 18 months

Costs of Intervention                                     
1. Cost to Local Authority (£s)          
£0           project costs                                                      (Centralised Local Authority project costs independent of the number of participants)
               £0           costs per participant                      (Local Autority costs per participant recruited)
                               £0           total                                                      (Total costs)
Costs to NHS (£s)             
1. £0           project costs                                                      (Centralised NHS project costs independent of the number of participants)
                               £0           costs per participant                      (NHS costs per participant recruited)
                               £0           total                                                      (Total costs)


Response 01-02-2017

Moray council do not commission these services. 

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