FOI Request High School Information

Request 101001410702

Under the Freedom of information act please supply the following information:

1. Please advise the number of students per high school, per year and for S3 and above the total number of pupils per subject.
2. The FTE teaching requirements for each department, including science subjects; Please breakdown this FTE teaching requirement per science subject.
3. The total Number of students attending High Schools in your local authority area?
4. Please break this figure down per High School for the academic years 2014/15/ 2015/16 and 2016/17 to date?
5. The total number of teachers required per school, and per subject and or department? which I request should in include all science subjects in High Schools within local authority area required to meet the teaching requirement (the pupil/ratio).
6. The total number of FTE vacancies or FTE teaching requirement to adequately and teach the number of students per High School and per subject/department? Which I request should in include all science subjects.
7. To clarify the total number of FTE teacher shortages within High Schools per subject including all science subjects and/or Department within your local government authority.

I appreciate that you may use temporary GTSC teachers to cover any classes, therefore not to fall short off any pupil/teacher ratios, however I must clarify my request is for FTE subject specific teacher shortages in the disciplinary they have obtained their teaching qualification.

Response 20-02-2017

Only current year information is available as SEEMIS archive does not allow us to access/export historical data of this kind.Please find the information in PDF format on the links below:

Buckie High     Elgin Academy     Elgin High     Lossie High    Speyside High     Speyside Pupils    Milnes High    Forres Academy     Keith Grammar

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