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Under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, I would like to request the following information:

1) I have found a copy of the library service's stock management policy online, however if there is a more recent version, could you please provide it? The policy may also be known as a collection development policy or stock selection policy or similar.
2) Can you please provide copies of stock profiles that are given to suppliers to aid in the selection of children's, junior and young adult fiction?
3) Does the library make use of evidence-based stock management tools such as Collections HQ?
4) How does the library promote fiction and nonfiction to children and young adults?
5) Are there any initiatives currently in place to promote culturally diverse fiction and nonfiction to children and young adults? If so, please provide details.
6) I noticed on the library catalogue that approximately 60 titles have the subject "Syrian Collection." Did the library service put this collection together as part of a particular initiative? If so, can you provide details?


Response 30-01-2017

1. All of the relevant policies are online at The updates have now been published.

2. We operate partial supplier selection and a small group of librarians set up the profiles on our supplier’s system. This means we no longer have copies of the profiles that can be shared. We update our requirements on the system annually.

3. No, we tried this system and found it to be unsuitable for our service. We run regular performance reports from our library management system and operate stock exchanges, prepared by our central support staff, across our smaller libraries.

4. We promote to young people through class visits, children’s book groups, events and activities, press releases, children’s focus groups, public meetings re stock purchasing, posters, flyers, lists of titles on specific subjects etc

5. Not at the moment, other than the Syrian Collection aimed at providing helpful information to the community to support the Refugee families. We run a programme of themed promotions throughout the year on a range of diverse topics.

6. Yes, the library service prepared and funded this collection through the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. Libraries are represented on the Moray working group.

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