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Request 101001409315

1. How many people living in the community do you have on waiting lists awaiting an assessment for social services and home care packages?
2. How many people living in the community and meeting the ‘Substantial criteria’ were given a care package in the last year?
3. How many people being discharged from hospital were given care packages in the last year?
4. Do you have a policy on prioritising people for care packages once they have met criteria, for example do those awaiting discharge from hospital get priority over those living in the community?


Response 17-02-2017

1. There are no waiting lists for assessment but we do have 54 people in the community on waiting lists for the start of their initial care packages after assessment has been made.

2.  386

3.  323

4. Once service users have met the eligibility criteria with in the policy for requiring care at home, the procedure in situ for managing resources to meet those most in need is applied.

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