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1. What is the process to become a statutory consultee for your planning authority?

2.Who currently holds statutory consultee status for your planning authority?

3. Has any department in your local authority has any contact with an organisation called “Disabled Go”, and how was this contact made?

4. Is the organisation “Disabled Go” undertaking any work for your local authority? If yes, please provide details of the work. Was this work given to “Disabled Go” through a tendering process?

5. How much money in total has your local authority paid to “Disabled Go”?

Response 26-01-2017

Q 1& 2. Statutory consultees in the planning process are determined by the Scottish Government.  The statutory consultees are set out in the Town and Country Planning (Development  Management Procedure)(Scotland) Regulations 2013.

3. The Moray Council's Equal Opportunities Officer contacted Disabled Go in 2011 to discuss the options for Disabled Go undertaking work for the Moray Council. Two meetings were held after which it was decided that the Moray Council did not have a budget to procure the services of Disabled Go.

4. No.

5. Nil.

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