FOI Request - Employment Support, Mental Health and SDS

Request 101001397679

1. Please outline your spending on employment support in each of the last four years, broken down by a) the name, scope, client group (e.g. type of disability?), aims and objectives of the programmes funded,
b) the number of participants in each programme in each year;
c) the number of people in each programme who achieved employment in each year;
d) the numbers and ratio of employability staff to participants within each programme.

2.. Please outline how your LA is fulfilling its duties under S26 of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 in providing services to assist to people with mental health problems to obtain and undertake employment; and the specific services funded as a result of this duty?

3. Please provide an outline, including the funding attached to each programme, of the community activities and services provided to support mental and emotional wellbeing in children and young people in your LA,  stating which, if any, client group each service targets

4. Please provide an outline of your LA’s spending on suicide prevention in each of the last 4 years; and the WTE employment of Choose Life coordinators in post within your LA over the same period of time.

5. Please outline the percentage of self-directed support packages made on an a) annual and b) quarterly basis broken down by condition of the recipient? (in each of last 4 years?)

Response 03-02-2017

Please find response to Questions 1,2, 4 and 5 Here

Response to question 3 Here

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