FOI Request - St Andrews Day

Request 101001393384

1. What events were organised in your council area for St Andrews Day in?
a. 2015

2. Approximately how much did these events cost the council to organise in?
    a. 2015
    b. 2016

3. What were the approximate attendance figures of the events in?
    a. 2015

4.  Did the Council apply for Scottish Government funding to stage these events in?
    a. 2015

5.  If the council received funding, how much did the council receive in?
    a. 2015
    b. 2016

6. Are council staff given 30th November as a public holiday?

7. Are schools closed on the 30th November as a holiday?

8. If not, why not?

9. What events has the council planned for St Andrews Day in 2017?

10. How much funding have you applied for/ will apply for from the Scottish Government     specifically for St Andrews Day events in 2017?

11. If your council has a point of contact for St Andrews Day events, who would that contact be?


Response 23-01-2017

1. None by the Council

2. None by the Council

3. N/A

4. N/A


6. No

7. No. All school term dates and Closures can be found at Here on the Moray Council website.

8. This would be a matter for the council to discuss. 

9. None

10. None

11. Development Officer, Economic Development Dept. The Moray Council, Council Offices High Street, Elgin  

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