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I am researching cloud computing in the public sector and would like to know the following 1. How many data centres does your organisation currently operate?
1a. What is the total count of servers within those facilities?
1b. What is the breakdown of operating systems, including versions (e.g. Windows Server 2008 R2) used on those servers?
2. Are these data centres supplied through a contract?
2a. If so, who is the primary operator and when is your current contract due to expire?
3. What is your annual IT budget?
4. Do you currently use a public cloud Infrastructure provider for any of your IT provision 4a. If so, which public cloud vendors are you currently using?
5. Do you have a current Transformation programme in place?
5a. if so, what are the timeframes for this to be completed?
5b. Who is your transformation lead?


Response 23-01-2017

1. One

1a. 117 physical, 198 virtual

1b. Windows Server 2008&R2, Windows Server 2012&R2

2.   No

2a. N/A

3.   £3.6m

4.   No

4a.  N/A

5.   Yes

5a. Estimated to be complete in 2018

5b. ICT Applications Manager

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