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Can you please tell me who at the council is responsible for checking the health & safety competence, training certificates & insurances of contractors used within the council's frameworks?

Response 10-01-2017

The procurement processes employed in Moray involves a quality evaluation of each contract by the service department, supported by procurement and so this can be any number of staff within the organisation.  

Until recently this involved individual evaluation of the quality section (SPQQ) of each tender.  This changed recently with the Reform Act  (Scotland) and the Scottish Regulations which adopted the EU directives. This introduced the European Single Procurement  Document (ESPD), similar to the SPQQ.  The only difference being that only the successful tender/s documents need to be reviewed to confirm compliance with the necessary tender requirements.  Additional H & S questions over and above the ESPD can also be added to relevant tenders should the requirement seek more information than the ESPD provides. Evaluation of both the ESPD and any additional questions is done by the original evaluation team supported by the procurement section.

For contact details for each department please see our website here.

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