FOI Request - Schools Closed Since Devolution

Request 101001382511

I require access to data on the number of days on which schools in your local authority have been closed since devolution (1999 – 2016) and the reasons for the closure.

To this end, it would be fantastic if the following data could be compiled: the school closed, the date or dates of the closure, and the reason for the closure.


Response 10-01-2017

 Please find the information requested below.

2008-09         2013-14

2009-10         2014-15

2010-11         2015-16

2011-12         2016-17


In accordance with Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, we can advise that information prior to 2008-09 is no longer held. As well as the attached exceptional school closures, all schools are closed for approximately 70 days per year for school holidays and in-service days

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