FOI Request - Pub Complaints

Request 101001381539

Please could you tell me, under the FOI Act, which three pubs within your district (where your council is responsible for licencing) received the most complaints against them during 2016 (January 1st - present).

Please name the pubs and provide the number of complaints against them. For the highest ranking pub, please also provide the nature of the complaints (i.e. noise complaint, etc)

Response 06-01-2017

Of the limited number of complaints received,  the most complaints received against a single establishment was three. Complaints mostly related to food hygiene and/or noise.

Further information is exempt under Section 33(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 as this would be likely to prejudice substantially the commercial interests of the businesses involved. The Council aims to be as transparent as possible about the information it holds, however in this  instance it considers that revealing details of complaints would be outwith the public interest as it would be likely to cause unfair reputational damage to those businesses as such complaints may not have been formally investigated and/or substantiated.

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