FOI Request - Resettled Refugees Under Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme

Request 101001378635

I am writing to request some information about refugees resettled under the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement scheme (SVPRS), including dependents.

I am after the following information:

1. How many people has your LA pledged to resettle under the SVPRS by the end of the scheme (end of 2020?)

2. How many people have been resettled in your LA under the SVPRS as of Friday 9 December 2016?

3. Can you provide any information about the way housing is found for refugees resettled under the SVPRS, specifically:
- are any of the houses organised through private companies such as G4S or Serco? If so how many properties?
- are you aware of any charities or faith groups making property available to house refugees brought in through the scheme? If so, how many properties?

4. Please provide any official correspondence or communications from your council regarding the policy of obtaining accommodation for refugees under the SVPRS.

Response 22-12-2016

1.  We have not committed to any  fixed numbers of Syrian refugees under the SVPRS to the end of the scheme but have committed along with The Moray      
    Community planning Partnership to house 7-10 families in the first year of the scheme.

2.  We have housed 5 families under the SVPRS and the number currently is 20

3.  No housing is organised by SERCO or G4S
     Four of the families are housed in Moray Council housing and I family in a RSL (housing association property)

4.  Please see the minutes of  Item 3 of the Moray Council's Policy and Resources committee of the 24/11/2015 Item 3 (attached) and the minutes of the Moray Community Planning Board of the 8 December 2015(attached.) also the update  report provided to the Community Planning Board on the 11 August 2016 and the minute of that meeting.

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