FOI Request - Planning Consent for Resident Housing

Request 101001377861

With regard to planning consent for resident housing, I am looking for:

With regard to planning permission granted for residential dwellings:

For each year since 2011:
The number of housing units your authority has consented to
The number of housing units your authority has refused
The number of units for which permission remains outstanding, i.e. permissions where a construction has started, or a buidling warrant has not been issued.

In accordance with section 11 of FOISA (Means of providing information - Please list the information in a table, in a Microsoft Word file (Excel, or Word).

Response 21-12-2016 


Year       Applications Approved  Units Approved                                Applications Refused     Units Refused

2011       147                                         260                                         16                                           24

2012       110                                         336                                         17                                           35

2013       178                                         537                                         17                                           21

2014       167                                         482                                         19                                           19

2015       170                                         514                                         31                                           44

2016       119                                         256                                         29                                           31

                                No. of Applications          No. of Units

Pending               34                                           724

Building Warrants can be searched using the public access advanced search and are therefore exempt under Section 25(1) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information already accessible. For ease of reference, please find a link to the web page here.

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