FOI Request - Adult Social Care Contracts

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1. List, by provider, type and annual contract value, all your current adult care contracts.
2. What measures are you taking to monitor the contract performance of adult social care contractors?
o We are looking for a description of systems and an approximate indication of client side staffing and frequency to undertake contract monitoring.
3. Specifically for home care contracts - what percentage of individual client services (in the past year) do council staff undertake monitoring visits to check that the contracted services were delivered?
o A ‘service’ means each visit to a clients home.
4. In bid evaluation, what percentage weighting does your council put on workforce matters as described in the Scottish Government procurement guidance (SPPN 1/2015)?
o If this varies between adult social care contracts, list the variations and reasons for such variations.
5. Have you awarded contracts, or made payments to any providers who will not be paying their adult care staff the Scottish Living Wage of £8.25 from 1 October 2016?
o If so, list the providers who will not be paying the Scottish Living Wage.
o Give reasons why you awarded a contract to a provider who will not be paying the Scottish Living Wage.

Response 21-12-2016

1. This information is published in the contracts register on the Moray Council website and is therefore exempt under Section 25(1) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information already accessible. For ease of reference please find a link to the web page here

2. All contracts are monitored on an annual basis by the Commissioning and Performance Team which consists of 2 Commissioning Officers, 1 Commissioning and Performance Co-ordinator and 1 Commissioning and Performance Assistant. We do not have a monitoring system.

3.This is carried out by the Inspectorate.

4.We have not tendered a contract where this has been required. 

5. No

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