FOI Request - Adults with Incapacity / Homelessness Presentation

Request 101001373540

The request relates to adults with incapacity when presenting as homeless at your organisation?
By incapacity I mean, where the individual does not have the capacity to make informed decisions as a result of being for example; under the influence of alcohol / drugs, have a mental health condition etc

1)    Please confirm if you have policies and procedures for dealing with adults with  incapacity when presenting as homeless?

2)    If yes to question 1 – please provide me with an electronic copies?

3)    Are you aware of any legislation that applies to such situations? If yes, please refer to the legislation and the various section(s) therein?

4)    Are you aware of any case law relating to such circumstances? If yes, please can you direct me to this of advise where I can obtain additional information?

Response 08-12-2016 

The information requested can be found here and here

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