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Could you please send me answers to the following questions:

For people in receipt of a Direct Payment to fund their care:

1. In relation of the use of care agencies by Direct Payment users or through the provision of a direct service, are there any restrictions on the number of hours care funding you will fund, or are there any plans to introduce a limit?

Use of Domicilliary Agencies through a Direct Payment:

2. What are your DP rates for adults who employ care services directly through a DP – what are the hourly rates for:

Weekday daytime rates
Weekday evening rates
Weekend daytime rates
Weekend evening rates

3. What rates do you pay for Overnight Rates to adults using a domiciliary care agency to provide their support through a DP –both for sleeping and waking nights, and what hours does this payment cover?

4. What Bank Holiday Rates do you pay to adults using a domiciliary care agency to provide their support through a DP?

5. Are these standard rates that all DP users receive or does the amount paid vary depending on the complexity of need?

6. When were the rates in questions 2, 3 and 4 last increased?

Where a direct service from a domiciliary agency is provided by the Local Authority:

7.  What amount is paid to Domiciliary Care Agencies to provide a direct service for care? Please state the hourly daily rates for:

Weekday daytime rates
Weekday evening rates
Weekend daytime rates
Weekend evening rates

8. What are the Overnight Rates –both for sleeping and waking nights paid for provision of a direct service?

9. What Bank Holiday Rates are paid for a direct service?

Response 05-12-2016

1. The Moray Council does not presently have a restriction on the number of hours we would fund for an individual.  We would always look at the individuals level of support required and link this to their personal outcomes.  As each individual has their own unique set of circumstances and personal outcomes to them, it would be difficult to restrict the number of hours that we would fund.  We as a local authority have a duty of care to the individuals who require support.  At SDS is ever evolving, we may rethink our position in the future, but there are no plans at present to do so.

2. We operate a flat rate of hourly rate for those individuals who directly employ a personal assistant, the basic unit hourly cost is £10.04, with the enhanced rate for those you require a higher skill set is £12.62.  There is no differential made dependent on the hours/ days worked.

3. Since the introduction of Self Directed Support, we do not have a set figure that we pay through a DP for a care agency.  An individual would be informed of their SDS Indicative Budget and this would then be linked to their identified outcomes to determine a personal budget.  In identifying a personal budget, the individual alongside their social worker would identify the cost of using their chosen care agency and this would be factored into their personal budget.  The budget allocated for a care agency would be specific to the cost of the care agency and the costs that they have in place for DP recipients.

4. In general, when a personal budget is being identified, the unit cost quoted from the care agency is static, some have an increase for weekend hours worked, and this is taken into consideration when attaching a budget.  Other care agencies do not charge an increased rate for bank holidays.  The monies allocated would be dependent on the individual care agency that the individual chooses, and as they are the commissioner of the support, they do not have to use one of the providers on the local authority framework.  As we allow for a contingency to accrue in an  individual's  DP account (6 weeks for a DP agency), should the care agency charge an uplift for bank holidays, the individual has the flexibility and funds built up to fund this without the need to allocate extra funds.

5. The rate for those employing a PA would be either the basic or the enhanced rate dependent on the complexity of need, or the individuals difficulty in recruiting dependent on their location.

The funds allocated to an individual utilising a care agency would be dependent on their indicative budget, and the hourly cost of the agency they wish to use.

6. The DP rates for a PA were last reviewed on 1st September 2015.

The DP rates for those utilising a care agency to meet their support needs are revised when the care agencies increase their rates, which is usually at the beginning of each financial year.

7. We have one hourly rate that covers day, night, weekend and public holidays and that rate averages at £15.84 

8. See above

9. See above

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