FOI Request - LED Street Lights

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1.  How many street lights you have at your council?
2.  How much a year they cost in electricity charges?
3.  How many of those street lights are currently using LED lights?
4.  When you estimate all street lights will be LED lights?
5.  How much a year all-LED lighting will cost your council?

Response 16-12-2016

1.  We have 17,726 luminaires in Moray.

2.  Our existing energy costs for Street Lights is around £610k.

3.  We have 2210 LED lanterns installed to date.

4.  We are in Year 2 of a 5 Year Programme.

5.  This is impossible to state – as energy usage will vary from luminaire to luminaire.  Actual costs will only become apparent once a street design has been carried out.  This project should save the Council approximately £20m in electricity costs over the next 20 years, as it reduces energy use by around 50% as well as reducing carbon emissions by approx. 2000 tonnes.

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