FOI Request - Age Assessments on UASC

Request 101001363303

1 - How many unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) have been placed with your authority in the past 5 years (or the last 5 years for which information is available)? Breakdown per year please.
2 - Of those, how many were age assessed? Breakdown per year please.
3 - How many of those age assessments found the UASC to be 18 or over? Breakdown per year please. Please detail age assessment results where possible, eg: claimed to be 14, found to be 19, claimed to be 17, found to be 16, etc.
4 - Of those decisions, how many were then challenged by the individuals involved? Breakdown per year please.
5 – How many of those challenges resulted in a court hearing or judicial review? Breakdown per year please. Also where possible please detail the type of hearing, ie County Court, High Court, Judicial Review.
6 – How much has the authority spent per year on such legal action?

Please provide all the information in the form of an annual breakdown per year.

Response 22-11-2016


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