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1.       An excel spreadsheet including all Council employees, their position and the sector they work within e.g. Children Social Services, Adult Social Services and the council pay bracket for each role.

2.       How many agency staff are currently working with The Council, please can this be broken down firstly to whether it is a contract or shift based position then to:
•         Children’s qualified social workers
•         Adult qualified social workers
•         Children social services unqualified workers
•         adult social services unqualified worker  
•         administration
•         If they do not fall within any of these sectors please provide the sector they do work within

3.       If there is a tendering process please provide when the tender for recruitment agencies to work with the Council is to be renewed and how to apply with details of any contacts who oversee this.

4.       If there is not a tendering process please provide contact details for any members of staff who can enable us to provide agency staff or permanent staff to the Council.

Response 16-12-2016

1. Please see link to the Council structures on the internet The Moray Council - Organisational Structures

Attached are the Councils current salary scales for cross reference with the grades on the structures.

2. All the below work set hours:

3 x Maintenance Staff Property Services
1 x Quantity Surveyor Property Services
1 x Clerical Assistant Building Services
2 x Joiners Building Services
1 x Painter Building Services
1 x Labourer Building Services
1 x Storeman/Labourer Building Services
1 x Gardener Lands and Parks

3. The Moray Council has adopted the Scotland Excel contract for Social and Care Agency staff although there has been no spend on this as yet (renewal July 18).  We are also aware of two national contracts which we have not assessed but which may be used as we are made aware of any requirement.  We have not developed our own tender for agency staff but are considering whether one is required.  If we do decide to go down this route we will use public contracts Scotland portal to advertise the opportunity.

4. Posts are advertised through the MyJobScotland website

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