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Request 101001362450

I have provided below, the information I require:

1.    Do you offer a befriending service in your area?
2.    What is the total number of volunteers, befrienders you have on record?
3.    Do you have any leaflets, brochures, publications, forms (I.e. Referral forms), you supply in relation to Befriending? If yes, please provide a copy of each of these?
4.     Do you have information on your website relating to Befriending? If so, please provide link to the webpage?

Response 30-11-2016

1.  We offer a one to one buddy service covering all of Moray - roles are wide and varied (shopping, exercise, home visits, social outings, etc.)

2.  We currently have 75 buddies

3.  Copy of referral attached here (leaflet can be found on our webpage).

4.  Webpage is where all opportunities can be viewed, registration of interest and application form can be downloaded.  There is also a copy of the Essential information for Volunteers and Moray Council Volunteering Policy.  We also have an email address for potential volunteers to get in touch at

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