FOI Request - Unmet Social Care in Nov 2016

Request 101001361491

I write under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act to request the following information:

(a) The total number of hours of social care that went unmet the week beginning 7 November 2016 (i.e. hours that had been approved but were not delivered between 7 and 13 November. For example if 10 people were awaiting the commencement of a 7 hour per week care package, the response would be 70 hours).

(b) The number of people awaiting the start of an initial package of social care on 7 November 2016 (i.e. excluding increases to existing packages).

(c) The single longest number of days an individual had been waiting for the start of an initial social care package on 7 November 2016.

(d) The number of people who have died awaiting the start of an initial package of social care in 2016.  

All parts of my request relate to social care
in its broadest sense,
irrespective of:
-age of the service user (adult or child);

- place of delivery (home, care home, day care centre, etc.);

- method of delivery (public or private provision).

If your systems do not record historical data on unmet need, please capture and provide real-time data for a week as close to the w/b 7 November 2016 as possible.

Response 09-12-2016






Total hours







Total people



179 days


 14 died in 2016 awaiting care

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