Estate audits and walkabouts

We want to make sure that estate audits are carried out in a more co-ordinated way and that information is shared which will help informed decisions to be made on how budgets should be spent.

We want to standardise the audit cycles from 6 monthly to 1 audit cycle per annum.  

Our staff will carry out an annual audit and identify potential areas of concern and/or potential areas for upgrade and/or improvement.  These audits will be completed yearly by 31 August to assist in the development of future improvement programmes. The information gathered will also be shared with those attending environmental audits to help shape those discussions and their decision making processes.  

Following this, Environmental audits should take place each year between September/October and must be completed by 30 October.  Estate walkabouts should include tenant representatives, the Tenants’ forum, elected members, our officers.  

The purpose of these walkabouts is to share information and collectively agree what estate upgrades will be considered for completion in the next financial year.  Community based projects linked to improving the overall condition of estates should also be identified as part of the walkabout and appropriate records of these meetings should be kept and shared with those in attendance.

We will make sure that Elected Members know when the annual estate walk about will take place.

We want to make sure that timeframe that we use for the estate and environmental audits now tie in with the budget cycle which is used by housing/finance staff to finalise the Housing Revenue Account for the following year.  The Housing Investment Programme is also finalised at the same time.  These changes will improve both the strategic planning of works and link these to the budget allocation process.

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