FOI Request - No Next of Kin from 1 Sept 2016

Request 101001359200

I would like information on people dying with no next of kin being known at the time of death from 1/9/16 to the day of your response to this request. If someone died before 1/9/16 but the case has only come  to your attention since, could you please also include details, as follows:
1.   Surnames and forenames or initials
2.   Dates of death
3.   Age at death or date of birth
4.  Place of birth
5.  Marital status
6.  Maiden surnames of married or widowed women
7.  Usual address at time of death
8.  Approx. value of their estate if known
9.  The date you sent information to the NUHU or Q&LTR or any other third party firm or department or organisation, or confirmation that this action was not applicable.
10.  If you have yet to send the information on, as per 9 above, or a decision has not yet been made whether or not to do so, please also advise of this.

Response 23-11-2016

There have been no funerals arranged by the Environmental Health Section in terms of Section 50 of the National Assistance Act 1948 since 1/9/16.

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