FOI Request - Paediatric First Aid Provision

Request 101001357972

1. Do you have a register of childcare providers and Early Years day care providers in your local Authority area?
Yes / No

2. Can you tell us approximately how many providers or settings (nurseries/kindergartens etc.) you have registered with you?
Home childcare providers
Day Nursery’s
Nursery Schools

3. Do you have any recommendations for each provider/setting concerning their first aid provision for staff? i.e. How many staff should be trained in first aid? What type of training is required? Ratio of first aid qualified staff to infants and children, that is required by a provider or at setting?
Yes / No

If YES please continue with question 4 and onwards.  

If NO can you tell us if there is another way you monitor first aid qualifications of staff at settings or with providers?

Is it monitored or inspected though other agencies?
Yes / No

If it is monitored or inspected through other agencies can you tell us who they are, and if they have recommendation for first aid requirements for staff at settings?

Then continue from question 8.

4. Do you set a standard for what type of first aid course providers need for their staff? E.g. Paediatric First Aid, Emergency First Aid at Work, please name any other relevant first aid qualifications you accept.
5. For Paediatric First Aid qualifications what length of course do you recommend to your childcare providers?
3 hours / 6 hours / 12 hours

6. What course content do you recommend for Paediatric First Aid courses?

7. When do you recommended renewal of this first aid qualification?

Every 3 years

8. Do you have a ‘register’ of First Aid Providers who you recommend to run Paediatric First Aid courses in your Authority area?

If YES how do first aid providers join this register and how do you vet providers?

9. Does the authority contract or tender out first aid services generally?

If YES how often does this tender process come around and what is the bidding process?

Response 16-11-2016 

1. Yes

2. Can you tell us approximately how many providers or settings (nurseries/kindergartens etc.) you have registered with you?

Home childcare providers   Childminders = 117
Day Nursery's Full Day Care Provisions = 14 (these settings also offer funded places included in the numbers* below)
Nursery Schools    *Early Learning & Childcare Provisions delivering 2, 3 & 4 year old funded places = 37 Private + 22 Local Authority


3. No, it is the responsibility of The Care Inspectorate in Scotland; they state it is good practice to renew First Aid training on a 3 yearly basis

a) This is the responsibility of The Care Inspectorate

b) Yes

c) The Care Inspectorate

8. No

9. This is currently being looked into

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