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Request 101001357921

Can the council confirm the following in relation to recyclable material collected through its kerbside collections:

1.      Who holds the current contracts for the off-take of recyclable material?
2.      Do you collect food and drink cartons as part of kerbside collections?
3.      If not, are there any plans to include food and drink cartons in the future?
4.      What is the delivery address for the material processing facility in the event that dry recyclable material is being collected as a mixed commodity?
5.      Please confirm the current end destinations for all dry recyclable commodities collected as part of your kerbside dry recycling service.

Response 02-12-2016

1.            In house collections for both general waste and recycling, domestic and commercial collections.

2.            Yes, currently Tetra Pac accepted within domestic paper/card household collections.

3.            N/A, see above.

4.            Recycling materials collected source segregated apart from mixed cans/plastic bottles which is then segregated at our own in house MRF.


Paper & Card: Saica, Fife, KY1 3LZ

Glass: MKD 32, Chester, CH3 7GA

Aluminium Cans: Novellis

Steel Cans: Williamsons Ltd, IV30

Plastics: Wyllie Recycling Ltd, Perth, PH1 3UF

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