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I'm writing to ask you for information on your local authority’s work towards Action 34 of the Scottish Government’s Tobacco Control Strategy, “Creating a Tobacco-free Generation” (2013):

“All Local Authorities should implement fully smoke-free policies across their properties and surrounding grounds by 2015, including setting out appropriate enforcement measures. Opportunities to extend smoke-free policies to other outdoor areas should be included in local tobacco control plans in support of SOAs.”

Please provide me with any information you hold on:

(a)  policies your authority has implemented  and actions carried out to deliver Action 34 between 2013 and this year, including (but not limited to) relevant policies at schools, care facilities, administrative buildings, outdoor play parks, and car parks, and
(b)  the number of facilities of each type covered under these policies, and
(c)  any exemptions made for particular facilities or types of facility, and the number of facilities affected by these exemptions, and
(d)  any types of facility which are within the scope of Action 34 which are not currently covered by smoke-free grounds policies, and the number of each type of facility in this category, and
(e)  any policies or actions planned to deliver Action 34 in the future, and
(f)  any campaigns run by the authority to raise awareness of smoke-free policies, and
(g)  any enforcement measures put in place to ensure that smoke-free policies are observed.

Response 14-12-2016

a)Our policy on smoking covers this



d)Play parks (37)

e)Discussions ongoing at the Moray Local Tobacco Alliance meetings but problems posed by difficulties with enforcement.

f) No

g) Signs located at entrances to all buildings.

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