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1.  Does your local authority exempt an individual's War Pension – also referred to as the War Pension Scheme or War Service Pensions – from the means test for any social care received?

If yes – on what basis does the exemption work? Please include any internal or external guidance used in the means testing process?

If no – how many individuals receiving care or support with care have their War Pension taken into account when they receive any means tested care?

Care refers to any residential or non-residential care provided by, or on behalf of, your local authority.

War Pension refers to the War Pension Scheme awarded for illness, injury, death or disease caused or exacerbated by service in any of the armed forced prior to the 6th of April 2005.

Response 10-11-2016

1. Yes

For Non Residential Care, £10 is disregarded in line with the same approach as the DWP.

For Permanent Care CRAG guidance is applied Section 8.021 and 8.046 as follows:- Section 8.021 Income partly disregarded
£10 disregard
8.021 The following types of income attract a £10 disregard:
Payments to victims of National Socialist persecution (paid under German or Austrian law) Schedule 3 para 11 · Civilian war injury pension Schedule 3 para 11 · War disablement pension (8.023) - see also 3.014 and 8.006 for treatment of AA/CAA paid with WDP · Armed Forces Compensation Scheme · War widows and war widowers pension - but see 8.046 for war Widows Special Payments

Section 8.046
War widows and war widowers’ special payments
8.046 War widows and war widowers’ special payments are made to the widows of men or widowers of women who died from injuries or illness which resulted from service ending before 31 March 1973. The special payments are intended to compensate those widows and widowers who did not benefit from the amendments to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme. These payments, which are made under the legislation, listed in Annex F, are fully disregarded.

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