FOI Request - Defibrillators

Request 101001350857

1.       Please could you provide me the number of a) primary schools b) secondary schools, c) sport and leisure centres, and d) other facilities where physical activity might take place, managed by the local authority.
2.       Please provide a list of the premises mentioned in question 1 which have a defibrillator on the site.
3.       Please also provide the number of staff at each of the premises mentioned in question 1 who are trained in their use.

Response 16-11-2016

1a) 46
1b) 8
1c) 10
2a) West End Primary School
3) A number of staff who have undertaken a 3 day first aid training course are trained in the use of a defibrillator even though there is not one on the premises where they work. 7 members of staff are trained at West End Primary School.

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