FOI Request - Grant Aided Expenditure and Education

Request 101001349683

1. The total of Grant Aided Expenditure (GAE) given to your Council by the Scottish Government.
2. Within the total GAE the funding allocated for Education to your Council.
3. The total expenditure on Council services.
4. The total expenditure on Education (excluding PPP, or similar, costs).
5. The total expenditure on Secondary Education (excluding PPP, or similar, costs).
6. The total budget for each secondary school in your Council (excluding PPP, or similar, costs).
7. The 2016 census roll of each secondary school in your Council.
8. The staffing formula for secondary schools.
9. The percentage of the secondary school budget devolved to the headteacher.
10. The identified amount (in section 1.9 of the job-sizing toolkit) of the school budget for which the HT is responsible.

Clarification sought 10-11-2016

No clarification received therefore case closed 20-12-2016

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