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Request 101001349079

I would like to request the following information under the Freedom of Information legislation:

1.    How many “paupers” that is people without sufficient funds to arrange their funeral has the council a) cremated and b) buried in the last five years?

2.    In how many such occasions have more than one set of remains been buried in the same grave or using the same plot in the past five years?

3.    What happens to the ashes of such people? Are they scattered, buried or stored?

Response 23-11-2016 

In respect of the funerals arranged by the Environmental Health Section in terms of Section 50 of the National Assistance Act 1948 since 1 April 2011 to the present date:

  1. 2011-12: One burial;

                2012-13: Two burials;

                2013-14: Five burials;

                2014-15: Four burials and two cremations;

                2015-16: Two burials and one cremation;

                2016 (to 23 November): Three burials.

  1. 2011-12: One;

                2012-13: Two;

                2013-14: One;

                2014-15: Three;

                2015-16: One;

                2016 (to 23 November): Two.

  1. Cremations are only arranged when the deceased person has a will which indicates this preference and also when sufficient funds are available in their estate. Any specific requests for the final disposal of any ashes are complied with wherever reasonably practicable or are left with the crematorium to be dealt with in accordance with their standard procedures.

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