FOI Request - Waste Management at Public Events

Request 101001348357

1. Which of the following do you fall under? (Shire counties, Shire districts, Metropolitan districts, London Boroughs, Unitaries)

2. Is sustainable waste management a mandatory requirement when granting planning permission for public events?

3. Are you aware of any national or European policies regarding waste management at public events?
If so, do you implement any of the policies? And how successful have they been?

4. If applicable, when hiring independent companies to manage waste, do they have to meet any standards or make any guarantees?

5. If possible, please highlight the most successful method you have found for waste management at public events.

6. Have you come across any barriers when trying to implement waste management at public events?

7. Is anything done at public events to raise awareness of waste management to the public?

8. Do you think schemes aiming to raise awareness would contribute to more successful waste management?

9. Is food waste management a concern at public events at the present?
If not, would you consider it in the future?

10. Are there any other point or comments you think to be important regarding waste management at public events?

Response 22-11-2016

1. Unitary

2. N/A

3. We require event organisers to comply with our policy on recycling collections (and Scottish legislation as appropriate). Whilst event organisers may wish to comply, often the public don't and/or the organisation at the event goes awry.

4. N/A

5. Joint approach of compliance with our collection requirements and education stall.

6. See 3 above.

7. See 5 above

8. Yes and we have a continuing and sustained campaign.

9. No - if it becomes a problem, yes.

10. No.

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